Visage is a web application designed to help teams create beautiful, branded reports & graphics.
As technical cofounder at Visage I worked on many parts of the stack, including: database design, infrastructure, backend & frontend architecture, UI/UX design and development, document conversion (HTML->PDF|JPG|PNG|SVG), and analytics.

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Kidz Vidz

A minimalist YouTube player for young ones. Will load only whitelisted videos from playlists curated by the parent.
I built this because the official YouTube Kids app is a train wreck, and fails to filter out all sorts of questionable content.


A native music player for macOS written in Swift.


A macOS menu bar app to display current prices for various cryptocurrency pairs.

Solitaire World

A simple klondike solitaire browser game built with knockout.js.
Features include: undo, theme switching, sound toggle, and scoring.

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CATT (count all the things)

A web app to help with counting things.
Demo mode uses mockjax to allow for full feature exploration before signup, with minimal code changes.

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Image Pal

A web app to help build color palettes from an image.

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Swarm behavior simulation for HTML Canvas, built with Pixi.js.

Try it here: birds.html